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eCommerce Teams

Direct channels deserve direct consumer feedback

Maximize eCommerce sales by adopting the right products at the right depths to meet the specific needs of your direct consumers.

More sell-through. Fewer stockouts.

MakerSights empowers you to capture the voice of your eCommerce consumer and make it heard throughout the merchandising process. Curate high-performing digital assortments and right-size SKU depths to reduce stockouts and maximize the value of direct channel distribution.

See how MakerSights helps digital merchandisers at direct-to-consumer brands.

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Turn up the volume
on eCommerce

Understand the product preferences of eCommerce-specific audiences, and use this data to more confidently determine which products to adopt and at what depths:

Voice of the Consumer

Harness the direct feedback of your real consumers to maximize the ROI of every assortment.

Digital Line Review

Seamlessly integrate input from eCommerce teams throughout the concept-to-consumer process.

Harness data-driven collaboration

Collaborate with stakeholders across product, merchandising, marketing, and more to make data-driven decisions that maximize the return on your brand’s digital channels:

Identify opportunities for eCommerce exclusives
Fast-track volume-driving styles to direct channels
Optimize products featured on site, in ads, etc.

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"MakerSights has made data accessible at Taylor Stitch in a way that it wasn’t before. We’ve built amazing relationships with our eCommerce consumers, and now we are able to translate these relationships into actual insights that help us better understand and meet their needs. It’s a win for us and a win for them."

Michael Maher

Co-founder & CEO, Taylor Stitch

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