Voice of Consumer

The data you need to create products they want

MakerSights closes the gap between your brand and consumers. Capture product-specific feedback to inform decisions and take creative risks that pay off.

Higher margins. Lower risk.

MakerSights lets you collect data from current customers and aspirational consumers on specific trends, fabrics, colorways, and more. Measure consumer preferences, cut the long tail, and optimize buy depths. Eliminate overproduction, minimize markdowns, and improve margins.

Powering your consumer obsession

Sentiment score

Gauge target audience preferences for specific products, and visually benchmark these scores against similar items in your assortment. Iterate on  style and color to align with your consumer.

Consumer demand

Accurately measure consumer demand for each product using MakerSights' predictive inventory visualizations. Optimize your buys across the assortment to avoid markdowns and stockouts.

Line efficiency

Strike the perfect balance between newness and carryover. Create scenarios that prevent over-assortment and cannibalization while maximizing product reach and SKU productivity.

Start tuning into the voice of your customers and aspirational consumers

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Go to market with confidence

Leverage consumer data to inform channel and regional buy-depths, maximize sell-in to key retail partners, and increase the impact of marketing investments.


Measure how products resonate across retailer audiences to win shelf-space, identify exclusives, and more.


Use consumer preferences to guide which products to feature in ads, emails, homepage displays, etc.


Harness product feedback from eCommerce-specific teams and consumers to grow direct channel distribution.

Strengthen every decision

Iteratively test new and experimental styles to validate demand and make smarter, consumer-obsessed decisions at each stage of the merchandising process:

Determine seasonal direction
Evaluate newness
Craft and finalize the line
Optimize investment depth

Sustainability starts with consumer obsession. Consumer obsession starts with MakerSights.

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