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The Voice of Consumer Platform

Consumer insights and product testing at scale

Survey target consumers and leverage consumer sentiment and demand data to support decisions throughout the value chain from strategy to product creation and pricing to reduce costs and shave months off time-to-market.

Evaluate newness
Craft and finalize the line
Sell-in at key accounts
Optimize pricing and investment depths
Higher margins. Lower risk.

De-risk newness, cut the long tail, and drive SKU productivity. Save overhead costs, mitigate cannibalization, and prevent markdowns while maximizing the number of consumers your line will reach with the interactive Line Efficiency graph – powered by a proven statistical research analysis methodology.

Powering product strategy from concept to consumer

Consumer Sentiment

Gauge target consumer interest in specific products via purpose-built for product development analytics and an interactive chart that benchmarks sentiment scores against previously tested items.

Pricing Analytics

Leverage the gold standard in market research methodology to assess price sensitivity for your target consumers, identify optimal price points on a style-by-style basis, and drive more sales.

Consumer Demand

Accurately measure demand for each item in your line using powerful analytics. Optimize investment depths by channels and regions to avoid markdowns, improve margins, and drive revenue.

Start tuning into the voice of your target consumers

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Go to market with confidence

Leverage consumer data to maximize sell-in to key retail partners, inform channel and regional investment depths, and increase the impact of marketing with highly targeted campaigns.


Measure how products resonate across specific retailer audiences to win shelf-space, identify exclusives, accelerate buys, and more.


Launch highly targeted campaigns and leverage consumer data to inform which products to feature in ads, emails, homepage displays, etc.


Collaborate with eCommerce teams to curate high-performing digital assortments, right-size investments, and grow direct channel distribution.

Sustainability starts with consumer obsession. Consumer obsession starts with MakerSights.

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