Products they love at the margins you need

Connect consumer sentiment and demand data with stakeholders’ feedback to craft high-performing assortments that maximize the value of every SKU.

Greater profits. Fewer markdowns.

MakerSights enables merchants to harness direct consumer feedback and drive internal alignment at each stage of the merchandising process. Strike the perfect balance of new and carryover styles, identify global vs. regional must-haves, optimize SKU productivity, and more.

Get the right mix of new and carryover styles

Collaborate with product managers to gauge internal and consumer sentiment for experimental styles and ensure all newness adds value to the larger assortment:

Voice of the Consumer

Discover consumer preferences, prevent cannibalization, maximize assortment reach, and more.

Digital Line Review

Capture quantitative and qualitative stakeholder feedback and compare it against consumer data.

Optimize channel and regional investment depths

Confidently stand behind and right-size investments in hero and fashion-forward styles to reduce markdowns, avoid stockouts, and maximize profit margins:

Identify global vs. regional must haves
Maximize the productivity of each SKU
Align buy depths with real-time demand

See why leading merchandisers choose MakerSights

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“Since our founding, we have always done things differently: from rethinking our product development process to how we sell clothes to professional women. MakerSights is another way we’re approaching retail differently. With MakerSights, we can confidently and quickly make difficult decisions on pricing and how deeply to go into a new product.”

Sarah LaFleur

Founder & CEO, MM. LaFleur

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