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Retail Tech 2020: New Solutions for the "Next Normal"

The need for more efficient product decision making has only exacerbated by COVID-19 and the sudden shift to remote work. Learn how new technologies enable you to drive innovation forward.

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2020 Consumer Outlook on Product and Purchasing

Inform your product-to-market strategy for today’s complex consumer with compelling insights on their shifting spending priorities, motivations, and preferred channels.

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COVID-19: Store of Tomorrow

Even as retail stores reopen, questions remain around the future of in-store shopping. Learn how your product strategy and in-store experiences must evolve to better serve consumers in today’s challenging climate.

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The Influence of COVID-19 on Consumer Spending by Channel

Successfully shifting from in-store to online will be the difference between success and failure for brands and retailers coming out of COVID-19.

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COVID-19 Consumer Spending Report

Retail brands are facing unprecedented challenges and, with more economic uncertainty than at any point in our lifetimes, the stakes have never been higher for brands to make smart design and inventory decisions.

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The "Green Lining" of COVID-19

Reducing environmental impact is not only good for the planet — it’s good for business. Embracing sustainable and efficient practices drives the long-term growth brands need to become the new leaders of retail.

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