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Perspectives: A Podcast Series

Perspectives by MakerSights is a series of conversations aiming to expand minds by sparking discussions and insight sharing among those passionate about apparel and footwear.

Episode 1: Inclusivity

This first conversation is focused on inclusivity in the apparel and footwear space, providing insights beyond the expected pillars of race and gender into income. The conversation dives deep into retail topics like pricing, positioning, and messaging. It also goes well beyond apparel and touches on the food industry and the education field drawing some interesting parallels between different verticals. The guest speakers see income as a way to connect consumer groups. They offer some interesting takeaways on how brands can become more inclusive to tap into the emerging cultural Zeitgeist that is inclusivity.

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Blake Simpson

TedX Speaker
Former Gap Executive

With a career spanning more than 20 years, Blake Simpson has significantly influenced corporate communications through her expertise in shaping meaningful corporate narratives. Her strategic approach focuses on crafting stories that resonate deeply with diverse audiences.

Erik Joule

PFSK Speaker
Former Levi’s Executive

Erik Joule has over 25 years of experience leading teams to spark innovation in product, merchandising, design, and marketing campaigns for industry-leading brands such as the GAP, Levi’s, Quiksilver, Taylor Stitch, and Strava. He is convinced quantitative data must be paired with cultural insights drawn through qualitative observation and backed by empathy to unlock innovation.

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