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Line Efficiency

Sell more, produce less

Unsure of where to cut the "Long Tail"? Line Efficiency helps brands drive SKU productivity and do more with less by measuring each product's Incremental Reach, and recommending products that can be dropped to improve the efficiency and productivity of a merchant or category leader's assortment.

Cut the true long tail of your assortments
Curate the perfect mix of products and colorways
Plan for every scenario amid economic uncertainty

Save overhead costs, prevent cannibalization, and mitigate markdowns, all while maximizing demand with the interactive Line Efficiency graph – powered by proven statistical research methodologies.

Optimize your product mix

There are many scenarios to consider as you decide which products to adopt or drop from a line. Satisfy the needs and wants of different consumers and attract new shoppers to your brand with a perfectly balanced selection of core and new styles. Now you have the power to scenario plan with just a few clicks, adding or removing products from your line to see how the overall Reach of the assortment may be affected.

Deliver the product mix that maximizes reach, appeal, and demand.
Avoid “nice-to-have” styles that erode margin, and build the products that matter most.
Have a Plan for Every Scenario

Markets move fast. Consumers move faster.
Be prepared for both.

Tighten the line

In uncertain market conditions, we're all looking to be as productive and efficient as possible. Refine color, pattern, and silhouette options early in product development and quickly compare them to other core styles. Using MakerSights, data-driven assortment planning can fast-track many tedious decisions and shave up to 3 months off the go-to-market timeline and eliminate unnecessary sampling costs.

Identify global vs. regional must-haves

Regional and go-to-market teams often don't see products until it's too late. Avoid last-minute scrambles and additional style requests by incorporating region, channel, and even retailer-specific consumer data during early product creation to build alignment from the get-go.

MakerSights enables us to take more calculated creative risks, and we’ve seen considerable growth from making consumer-led decisions…We are now able to create, tweak, adopt, and drop styles based on what we know consumers want, versus what we think they want.

Turn consumer needs into consumer haves

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Stop relying solely on historical sales data and “gut instinct”
Cut over assortment before a single sample is created
Take more data-informed risks, not fewer

Sustainability starts with consumer obsession. Consumer obsession starts with MakerSights.

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