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MakerSights unlocks dynamic decision making for more nimble, resilient brands. Bring the right assortment to market faster to dramatically reduce waste, increase margins, and create products your consumers will love.

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Trusted by leading apparel, footwear, and lifestyle brands around the globe

MakerSights enables our Teva and Hoka product teams to tackle today’s complexities with a tailored, data-driven product strategy. We’re able to remain bullish on strategic opportunities and identify risks before time and money are committed.

Changing "the way the industry works" to work for you

Reimagine your product-to-market process for the modern world

Brands invest 4.5X more in inventory than in marketing but spend 4X less on technology to support those bets. MakerSights modernizes your decision making with data and collaboration to increase confidence from concept review to sell-in.

Unlock collaboration for faster decisions (and less time wasted in meetings)

Whether your teams are in the office or scattered around the world, MakerSights brings them together. Centralize feedback from internal stakeholders and drive alignment in digital reviews for faster, more informed decisions — without hours of meetings.

Predict your top styles to adopt and drop with confidence

Bring the voice of your muse consumers into assortment decisions before a single sample is created. Gather actionable feedback in hours from target consumers around the globe, so you can focus on what will sell — and drop what won't.

Powerful results from our innovative brand partners

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16% reduction in markdowns

To narrow their assortment, a global apparel brand tested over 100 shirt styles to identify top performers — before a single sample was created.

88% increase in decision confidence

A global sportswear brand engaged more than 15,000 target consumers for more objective, consumer-led decision making.

$7 million in incremental sales lift

In only one season, a global footwear brand fast-tracked a new style identified in MakerSights that ultimately became a best seller.

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