Digital Line Review

Fast, confident decisions for our digital world

Transform milestone meetings into productive, objective, and focused discussions with real-time visibility into actionable consumer and stakeholder feedback.

Faster decisions. Fewer meetings.

MakerSights digitizes the line review process to streamline and accelerate global stakeholder alignment. Centralize internal and consumer feedback alongside digitally visualized assortments to minimize high-pressure big reveals and make faster, iterative product decisions.

Features smart-to-market brands love

Product and attribute ratings

Capture quantitative stakeholder feedback across assortment and product attributes, from silhouettes and storylines to colorways and color stories.

Freeform input and discussion

Give internal stakeholders a single, collaborative space to express their opinions, share creative ideas, discuss regional forecasts, and more.

Consumer feedback and insights

Visually compare stakeholder and consumer product feedback to quickly identify areas of misalignment and opportunities for further discussion.

Reimagine the concept-to-consumer process for the future of retail

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Visualize and explore your entire assortment

Internal context

Set the stage for stakeholders with welcome messages, slides, and videos.

Sketch and 3D imagery

3D CAD imagery helps minimize physical sample creation and waste.

Custom data and fields

Filter products by custom attributes for detailed, actionable internal feedback.

Style and SKU mapping

Link overarching styles and SKUs for a complete view of the assortment.

Streamline consensus from concept to consumer

Integrate consumer feedback and input from stakeholders across regions, departments, and teams to drive consensus at each stage of the line review process:

Align on seasonal direction
Evaluate newness
Craft and finalize the line
Optimize investment depth

"Digital Line Review has drastically improved the dialogue between regions and made it more dynamic and transparent. This type of collaboration is now central to our team and makes it easier than ever to deliver premier products that resonate with our consumers."

Hy Rosario, Director of Outdoor, HOKA

Modernize your product creation and line review process with MakerSights.

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