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Consumer Insights Teams

Insights that power every decision

Strengthen strategic alignment, accelerate research execution, and translate consumer insights into actionable product and business recommendations that the entire team can get behind. 

MakerSights delivers 20X ROI with success proven at major brands like Champion, GANT, and New Balance, providing actionable consumer insights that drive cross-functional alignment on target consumers, product strategy, pricing, investment depths, and go-to-market.

Better insights at scale for 1/12th the cost and in way less time

Consumer Insights teams no longer need to conduct expensive focus groups or extensive, manual work in hopes they deliver meaningful information to leadership and teams throughout the company. Ditch the antiquated, time-consuming, and costly focus groups. View consumer data within hours – not weeks or months – via interactive visualizations to drive agile, efficient decision-making.

Consumer Insights, elevated

Tired of steep learning curves and transactional vendors? The MakerSights Workspace makes consumer data actionable and elevates Consumer Insights professionals to strategic partner to teams throughout the value chain. 

With MakerSights, you can expect:

A dedicated success team of retail experts to help you define and scale category success
Thorough onboarding and a program blueprint that establishes a repeatable testing and reporting cadence
A team of data scientists ready to help with all of your advanced analytics needs
Statistically significant data sets that accurately represent target consumers in 48 hours or less
Analytics and interactive visualizations that were purpose-built to answer the most pressing questions from design, product, and merchandising teams at apparel, footwear, and accessories brands

Gather around the virtual table

Understand consumer preferences by profile, market, channel, and more. Share consumer data and insights with executives and cross-functional stakeholders across design, merchandising, sales, marketing, e-Commerce, and regional teams to drive alignment and ensure the right adoption and investment decisions are made for every channel and every region, everytime.

Voice of the Customer

Help merchandising teams make investment decisions that are powered by statistically significant consumer data that is collected in 48 hours and at a fraction of the cost as a standard focus group.

Pricing Analytics

Enable merchandising, e-Commerce, and regional teams to strike the perfect balance between margin and demand by leveraging a powerful combination of data science and proven conjoint methodology to assess consumers’ price sensitivity and willingness to pay.

See why leading consumer insights teams choose MakerSights

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“By sticking with the [MakerSights testing] model season after season, not just Consumer Insights but our teammates – all the way up to design, and all the way down to account planning – have now been through this 5 or 6 times, and nobody’s debating about what it is or how to use it, we talk about the results.

Charles Wilson

New Balance Director of Consumer Insights

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