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April 25, 2022

Throughout Q1 of 2022 the MakerSights team has released a collection of new platform features and updates to support brand users across product, merchandising, and consumer insights. Additions include Line Efficiency, Snap & Comment, and an update to our Homepage Navigation, each with the intention to empower our brand partners’ journey to consumer obsession.

Line Efficiency 

Driving SKU Productivity just got easier with Line Efficiency. Our newest analytics feature provides product and merchant teams with insight into which products to adopt and/or drop when crafting the line. Whether you’re cutting the long tail or deciphering the right mix of core and trend, Line Efficiency makes it easy to drive productivity across the assortment.

Cut the long tail and optimize your product mix with confidence.

Snap & Comment    

Sharing compelling insights on your target consumers shouldn't always require a calendar invite and presentation. With Snap & Comment, passing along insights to your teammates is simple. In just three clicks, you can now document, save, and make findings visible for teams to review and collaborate around.

Capture key learnings and share with your teammates in just a few clicks.

Homepage Navigation

Our updated homepage makes it easy navigate to important assortment events like Voice of Consumer results or Digital Line Reviews. You can now easily find tests by clicking into the corresponding assortment card or leveraging the filter bar to locate specific events by category, date, and more. 

Quickly find tests and digital line reviews with your assortment cards or the filter bar.

Get Involved

We are thrilled to see the excitement behind each of these features and are working hard ahead of a busy Q2. If you are a MakerSights user and would like to help inform our roadmap, please drop us a note at We will be in touch!

Team MakerSights

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