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It Takes a Village: Democratize Access to Consumer Insights with MakerSights

Team MakerSights

March 1, 2022

Whether your brand is an industry giant or a digitally-native newcomer, capturing and sharing key insights from target consumer data likely isn’t as seamless and straightforward as you’d like. Instead, it probably requires doing extensive research, building labor-intensive presentations, and trying to explain your findings every few months at seasonal kickoffs. 

However, today’s highly competitive retail landscape demands increasing knowledge not only of what your consumer wants today, but also where they’re headed tomorrow. It’s no longer acceptable to use "lack of consumer access" as an excuse for making decisions based on gut instinct alone. Painting an accurate customer picture requires data analysis, and key learnings must be put in context and made accessible to everyone involved in crafting the line.

That’s why consumer-obsessed brands are leaning into new technologies that enable them to get closer to both current and aspirational customers, better understand their preferences, and make smarter, more collaborative data-informed assortment decisions. 

Enter Snap & Share, our easy and quick solution for capturing and sharing critical insights from MakerSights’ Voice of Consumer data with teammates and stakeholders. 

Snap, Comment, and Collaborate in a Few Simple Clicks

With Snap & Share, you can ensure that every stakeholder is working off of the same information and making consumer-led, data-driven assortment decisions. In just three clicks, you can now document and democratize findings instantly – all without leaving the MakerSights Workspace. 


Discovering a compelling consumer insight shouldn’t require you to make a mental note or pause to add a screenshot to an email or slide deck. Now you can snapshot key findings inside MakerSights, where they’re automatically saved to a “Shared Learning” tab. All it takes is a single click, and you’re back in the zone reviewing your Voice of Consumer results!

Capture compelling data from target consumers in a single click

Relying on sweeping presentations, occasional meetings, or siloed email threads to discuss consumer insights puts teams at risk of missing opportunities to make smarter incremental decisions about the line. With Snap & Share, you can add relevant context to each Snap so your teammates can quickly digest insights that may impact assortments, avoiding repeat analysis, and establishing a single source of truth for key learnings.

Add context to your Snap and share the insight with your team

Determining the implications of consumer data and how it should be applied to your brand’s assortment strategy is a team effort. Snap & Share provides an asynchronous forum for discussing insights and collaborating with teammates and stakeholders in the context of your findings, making it fast and easy to drive consensus around next steps and decisions.

Have a conversation about next steps

Build a Consumer-obsessed Culture with Snap & Share  

Championing the consumer in new ways is a growing priority for leading brands. However, understanding your current and aspirational customers isn’t the responsibility of any one person or team — it takes a village. 

Snap & Share makes it easy to give everyone involved in assortment decisions direct access to consumer sentiment data and insights in real time. This ensures all stakeholders are tuned into your target consumers and working off of the same information. Ultimately, Snap & Comment enables faster consumer-obsessed decision making so you can deliver more products people love!

To learn more about Snap & Share, reach out to your account team at MakerSights or contact us

Team MakerSights

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