Consumer obsessed assortment management made easy

MakerSights unites brands and consumer feedback in a digital workspace. Assortment teams can collaborate around data-driven consumer intelligence to improve margins, increase revenues and reduce waste.

Trusted by consumer-obsessed, smart-to-market brands around the globe

Tune into the voice of your consumer to create products people love

From concept to consumer, leverage consumer data via interactive analytics and visualizations to help guide every product decision and craft assortments your customers will love.

Streamline the line review process with data-driven collaboration

Accelerate milestone decisions by using stakeholder and consumer feedback to focus discussions, drive alignment, and move forward with confidence.

“MakerSights has made data accessible at Taylor Stitch in a way that it wasn’t before. This not only helps us protect the environment, but it also elevates our brand and price integrity, which ultimately leads to better customer retention, higher gross margins, and fewer returns."

Michael Maher, Co-founder & CEO, Taylor Stitch

For Product Creators

Gauge consumer and stakeholder interest in current trends, competitor styles, experimental colorways, and more before investing in samples.

For Merchandisers

Harness sentiment and demand data to drive internal consensus around which products to adopt or drop, buy depth across regions and channels, and more.

For eCommerce

Leverage consumer data to identify opportunities to activate existing and aspirational consumer groups, fast track new products for direct channel distribution, and more.

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