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Retail Trends

Tailored resources for the topics that matter most.

The Top 5 Trends and Predictions Impacting Retail Brands in 2023

Following the five trends outlined in this guide will help you maintain a healthy level of cautious optimism in the face of fluctuating market uncertainty.

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5 Challenges Widening the Gap Between Brands and Consumers

Learn how to bridge the growing gap between brands and consumers and start delivering more products that your target segments love, are willing to buy at full price, and want to keep.

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Weathering a Recession Storm: Advice from Seasoned Retail Leaders

Make confident decisions during uncertain times by following these six sage pieces of advice from retail veterans who successfully weathered the economic storms of the past.

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Holiday Shopping 2021: Consumer Sentiment Report

With pent up demand and supply chain chaos, the anticipation for Holiday 2021 is high. Find out how your brand can meet expectations.

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2020 Consumer Outlook on Product and Purchasing

Inform your product-to-market strategy for today’s complex consumer with compelling insights on their shifting spending priorities, motivations, and preferred channels.

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State of Retail 2019: Generation Z

Generation Z is taking a pragmatic and moderate approach to shopping — for now. But the urgency is critical for brands to hook Gen Z in their 20s, so to keep them as customers in their 30s & 40s. The race is on.

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