Earth Day: Take a Breath

Matt Field

April 22, 2020

On Earth Day, our quiet world has given us an opportunity to reflect on what can be learned from this unusual, silent moment in time. How do we move forward in a productive way for the betterment of our planet?

We’re sharing drone footage of our hometown, San Francisco, in this quiet time. When the hustle and bustle of daily working life in the city halted, the environment has been given the unprecedented chance to take a breath. Since the shelter-in-place order, San Francisco has seen a significant decline in air polluting emissions. 

Here at MakerSights, we’ve realized that we have dramatically decreased our own carbon footprint simply by not commuting to work everyday. We want to take today to appreciate the pause in our normal lives and be inspired by the stillness. Hope you will find time to do the same!

Matt Field
Co-founder, MakerSights

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