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Step Up Your Game

Unraveling the Outdoor Active Footwear Market
Research Report


The Outdoor Active Footwear Market is soaring, accounting for a substantial share of the $67.8 billion sporting goods retail industry in 2023. As a trusted partner to some of the world's leading active outdoor footwear brands, we recognized a unique opportunity to provide invaluable insights on this exciting space.

Key Takeaways

  • Roughly 6 in 10 US consumers ages 18-65 claim to have purchased active footwear and participate in outdoor activities like hiking, road running, or trail running
  • Functional attributes (like fit and comfort) are top of mind for consumers when looking for outdoor active footwear
  • Nike, adidas, and New Balance rise to the top in brand equity and perception compared to all other brands in the market.
  • After testing over 175 recently launched styles, clear differences emerge between men and women when it comes to preferences around style, color, and aesthetic


This study was conducted across 1,378 participants representative of Gen Pop (balanced across age, region, gender within the US). Participants were further qualified to include individuals who had both 1) interest in spending time outside and 2) purchased active footwear within the past 2 years.

The research was conducted in two parts. Part one was a general survey focused on consumer needs and brand perceptions against those needs. Part two was a product-level analysis powered by MakerSights proprietary testing platform of the latest product offerings in the active, outdoor footwear market