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Think every company should have
a bigger purpose?
So do we.

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We show up for something bigger than ourselves.

The retail industry is one of the biggest polluters on the planet. At MakerSights, we know there is a better way, and we come to work every day to create a future where consumer obsession powers growth and sustainability. With each new innovation in predictive analytics, consumer engagement, and data-informed assortment planning, we’re one step closer to radically reducing economic and environmental waste by helping brands create more products that people love – and way, way less of what they don’t.

Our core values

At MakerSights, we are a group of diverse people who care about the environment, justice, and coming together to make a valued impact as a community. We are committed to advancing, cultivating, and preserving an equitable, diverse, and inclusive workplace for all. With sustainability woven into our brand, we embrace listening, learning, and educating to build a stronger workforce for today and tomorrow.

A bias for action

Think and act courageously. Once a decision is made, commit yourself and take the first step.

Continuous learning

Always question the status quo. Be curious, communicate directly, and embrace change.

In it for the long term

Strive for generational impact. Play the long game when it comes to partnerships, product, and people.

It’s all about people

Cultivate authentic relationships and lead with empathy. Our mission is serious, but our approach is fun.

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