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More than half of the world’s top brands leverage MakerSights to boost SKU productivity, improve sell-through rates, and maximize profitability across assortments. Curious about what those savings might look like for your brand? All it takes is a few data points from you to discover how MakerSights can help you optimize your inventory and deliver more of what your customers love — and less of what they don’t.

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Overall ROI from MakerSights

* On average, brands see a 20X ROI with MakerSights

Our Method

We built this calculator as a strategic resource for retail brands seeking ways to refine their assortment strategy. Whether you’re a hot new DTC brand with a small-but-loyal following or a tried-and-true wholesaler with global reach, MakerSights can partner with you across design, product, and merchandising to align your product strategy with core consumer preferences and new target audiences. Take a look at our methodology below to see how we calculate our contributions to your profitability.

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Model Assumptions and Caveats
Model Outputs

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