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2020 Consumer Outlook on Product and Purchasing

Inform your product-to-market strategy for today’s complex consumer with compelling insights on their shifting spending priorities, motivations, and preferred channels.

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State of Retail 2019: Generation Z

Generation Z is taking a pragmatic and moderate approach to shopping — for now. But the urgency is critical for brands to hook Gen Z in their 20s, so to keep them as customers in their 30s & 40s. The race is on.

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The State of Technology in Retail Report 2019

Despite a healthy consumer appetite for providing feedback on future products, product professionals are still challenged with understanding what their customers really want.

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COVID-19: Store of Tomorrow

Even as retail stores reopen, questions remain around the future of in-store shopping. Learn how your product strategy and in-store experiences must evolve to better serve consumers in today’s challenging climate.

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