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December 1, 2021


Today two new features are available to all users*, Product Grid and Tests in Progress.

  • Product Grid - users can now explore products within the assortment architecture, focusing testing strategies and improving insights.
  • Tests in Progress - via the brand dashboard, users can now quickly learn the completion status for all tests in progress.

Product Grid 

Product Grid allows your team to organize products into the assortment architecture to gauge relevant themes and strategies for the season. Using powerpoint decks and excel spreadsheets to decipher what products to test and why can be cumbersome. This dynamic visual allows your teams to rapidly shift the assortment around and zone in on areas of uncertainty.

Whether you are gauging newness vs. carryover, optimizing products for different channels, or searching for gaps in your color stories, ensure your team is leveraging consumers in the most pressing areas. For a more detailed overview of Product Grid, click here.

Tests in Progress

With Tests in Progress you can now easily access a snapshot of your open tests via the homepage of your brand dashboard. Quickly find out the current number of consumer respondents, percent completeness, and status of statistical significance. To learn more about a test, simply click into it. 

Reach Out

If you have questions about either feature, please reach out to the team via

*To enable Product Grid please reach out to your Customer Success representative.

Team MakerSights

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